Programmer Levashov arrested in absentia

Peter Levashov

Russian programmer Peter Levashov, who on 3 October the court of Spain was allowed to give US, was arrested in absentia in Russia. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The court arrested Levashov after hacking and blocking access to information on the website of the medical institution in St. Petersburg, said the press service of the Prosecutor General of Russia at the request of the Agency.

In August, against it criminal case on the 272-th (“Illegal access to computer information”) and 273 (“Creation, use and distribution of malicious computer programs”) articles of the criminal code of Russia.

The charge for these items has been in absentia brought Levashov August 14 and the next day he was declared internationally wanted.

Earlier it was reported that a Spanish court has decided to satisfy the US request for extradition Levashov.

He was arrested on 9 April. The court in Barcelona, held a joint meeting with the Madrid court via Skype, during which the decision was made to arrest the Russian. He is suspected by U.S. authorities of involvement in hacking attacks.