Near Odessa detained sold the explosives officer APU

In Odessa region militiamen detained the captain of the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU), which was suspected sale of explosive devices. This was reported on the website of the Odessa police.

27-year-old man in July, sold two structurally modified mobile phone as well as educational and military detonators. For this he received 2.6 thousand hryvnias (a little more than 5.6 thousand rubles). Investigators believe he illegally kept explosives and bomb-making.

The officer was detained during the next sale which has been modified to mobile phones and military detonators, which would receive about 8 thousand hryvnias (about 17.2 thousand).

Militiamen solve a question on excitation of criminal case against the detainee under part 1 article 263 (“Illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives”) and part 3 of article 410 (“the Abduction, soldiers fighting supplies, explosive or other fighting substances, also taking them by fraud or abuse of official position”) criminal code of Ukraine.