Kaliningrad Governor referred to the head in talking about the social benefits

Anton Alikhanov

The Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov explained the lack of compensation for kindergarten to low-income families with children a “head”. The questions the Governor on this subject can be heard in audio recordings published on the website of the “New Kaliningrad”.

The publication said that the dialogue with the Governor was recorded on Friday, October 20, after the consideration of the regional Cabinet of Ministers of the draft budget for 2018. To the question whether the return to the government compensation for kindergarten, the Governor replied, “No.” When asked why, he said, “Kocani”. The journalist expressed outrage at these words, but Alikhanov stated that this was a “serious response”.

The head of the region said that only 56 per cent of compensation has been targeted, and “so many people” didn’t need them, and then asked not to ask such questions.

The newspaper reminds that families with children deprived of compensations for kindergartens a year ago the payment decided to appoint only those who are officially poor. Also, the regional authorities have reduced the number of recipients of regional allowances which are paid once at the birth of a child. After December 2016, this decision has caused outrage, acting Governor Alikhanov promised to try “in the first half of the year to return all back”.