Diplomatic quarter of Kabul came under rocket attack

Diplomatic quarter of Kabul came under rocket attack

Quarter of Afghan capital of Kabul, where are situated the government buildings and diplomatic missions of foreign States, came under rocket attack, said the security forces of the country. About it reports Reuters.

As told to the Agency, the message about the fire came in at 6:00 local time (3:30 GMT) from the area where is located the headquarters of the International forces on safety (ISAF) under NATO. In the area fell and exploded at least two missiles.

About casualties or damage were reported.

On the eve of the two terrorist attacks that occurred on the night of October 21 in Shiite mosques in Kabul and provinces Gur killed at least 72 people. Victims of the attack were children, women and government officials. The attack occurred during the evening of Friday prayers by suicide bombers.

The US state Department condemned these acts of violence and expressed support for the government of Afghanistan in its action against the terrorists.