Britain was hit by the storm, “Bryan”, there is a risk of flooding

Britain was hit by the storm, “Bryan”, there is a risk of flooding

Storm “Brian” has fallen on Britain strong winds and high waves. However, it was expected that the storm will be even stronger.

Gusts of winds up to 112 km/h was recorded on Saturday morning, forecasters warn about the threat of flooding, power outages and problems with transport links.

Warning “yellow” level of strong winds are in the area of Wales, South and centre of England.

Throughout England there are seven warnings about possible flooding, the same warnings were issued in Wales.

Earlier this week, three people were killed and hundreds of thousands of people — mostly in Ireland — was left without electricity after hurricane Ophelia weakened to the level of the storm, fell to the British Isles.

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Strong wind and high waves of the storm reached the West coast of Ireland yesterday evening.

Gusts of wind reached a speed of 130 km/hour, reported Irish weather forecasters, in some areas reported flooding due to the rising water level in the river Shannon.

Authorities have issued an orange alert — the second danger level to seven Irish counties, and advised motorists to be careful, because trees weakened by the previous storm, may fall.