American restaurant surveillance camera filmed the “Ghost”

American restaurant surveillance camera filmed the “Ghost”

MOSCOW, 21 Feb — RIA Novosti. The restaurant staff in the Californian city of Ventura believe that the school settled Ghost, reports the New York Daily News.

One of the employees of the cafe said that he came to work in the morning, found one of the chairs lying on the floor. The man checked the tapes and saw that the chair fell himself.

The second incident took place in broad daylight — one of the visitors of the restaurant noticed that the furniture in the room is moving. This trick a “Ghost” also caught in the CCTV camera lens.

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“It’s very strange. We have been working for 27 years and never with such did not face,” — says co-owner Dave Folds. According to him, the staff of the restaurant blames the “spirits” of the first visitors who died 25 years ago.

Cafe customers are not concerned about the raging ghosts.

“I do not care, as long as he didn’t move the chair on which I sit,” said one of them.

YouTube users, however, do not believe the restaurant staff. In comments to the video many call him a fake and accused the owners of a cafe in the desire to attract customers.