The Yaroslavl teenagers caught making Molotov cocktails and let go

Employees of Regardie and MIA have detained in Yaroslavl six minor supporters of the policy Vyacheslav Maltsev, who, under Tolbuxinskoe bridge made Molotov cocktails. On Friday, October 20, according to “7×7”.

As told the publication source, 19 October, six Teens brought with them under the bridge with the gasoline to fill their bottles. For minor observed several employees of the Center on counteraction to extremism of the Ministry of interior in plain clothes. 20 minutes to the bridge at two service “gazelles” and one “Ural” Regardie. They detained the teen for three hours and was released without presenting any charges.

The source added that the date and meeting place for the manufacture of Molotov cocktails security forces found out in one of the chats in social networks, which was called “05.11.17” (the date of the “revolution”, which is planned to emigrate from Russia was searching the politician Vyacheslav Maltsev). In Regardie and local Directorate of the interior Ministry of the detention of adolescents is not confirmed, nor denied.

Earlier in October, the head of the MIA in counteraction to extremism (Center “e”) Timur Valiulin proposed to punish teachers and parents for the participation of children in protests. Ombudsman for children under the President of Russia Anna Kuznetsova described the initiative as hard to enforce.

4 Jul Saratov politician, nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev has left the territory of Russia after excitation concerning it criminal case for the creation of an extremist community “Artillery”. The activist is outside of Russia.