The scandal with the widow of a soldier after trump said the General Kelly

The scandal with the widow of a soldier after trump said the General Kelly

The President’s chief of staff, retired General John Kelly, delivered a rebuke to U.S. representative Frederica Wilson, who first spoke about the disrespectful tone of trump’s conversation with the widow of the commando, who was killed in combat in Niger.

Kelly, a former General of the marine corps of the United States, said that the Democrat Wilson broke his heart his criticism of trump’s behavior in a telephone conversation with the wife of the deceased La Sergeant David Johnson.

Johnson died 4 Oct in Niger at the hands of Islamist militants, in an ambush. In total then killed four American soldiers.

The head of the presidential administration, personally went to the hall of press briefings of the White house (there have always been press secretaries, and other officials, including the President at his discretion) and reported that, in 2010 when his son was killed in Afghanistan, Barack Obama himself didn’t call him.

Wilson, a Democrat, represents a district in Miami, Florida said Wednesday that she was in the limousine with the widow of the deceased serviceman Myeshia Johnson at a time when the President called, and heard on the loudspeaker words: “He knew what is signed, but I guess it still hurts”.

Wilson told the Washington Post that the widow, pregnant with third child, after a conversation with the President cried.

“He brought her to tears,” said Wilson. At that moment, she was heading to the Miami airport to meet the coffin of her husband.