The interior Ministry has proposed to introduce criminal liability for propaganda of homosexuality

Ministry of internal Affairs has suggested to toughen punishment for propaganda of pedophilia and homosexuality among children. With this initiative, as reported by TASS, was made by the head of Department on struggle against pedophilia control of the organization of struggle against crimes against the person of the Bureau of criminal investigation (criminal investigation Department), Ministry of internal Affairs Sergey Alabin.

“Personally, I believe that administrative responsibility is ineffective. If it is raised to the rank of criminal responsibility, we will save our generation should grow focused on pedophilia and non-traditional relationships,” said Alabin during a speech in the state Duma.

In June 2017, the European court of human rights (ECHR) recognized the discriminatory Russian law banning gay propaganda among minors. Thus, the court dismissed the appeal of three activists of the LGBT movement who was convicted in Russia for promoting homosexuality.

The law banning the promotion of homosexuality was adopted in 2013. After that, the Cao published an article 6.21, the penalty for which provides for a penalty of up to one million rubles.