Scientists found on the moon the perfect place for a future colony

Scientists found on the moon the perfect place for a future colony

MOSCOW, 20 Oct — RIA Novosti. Japanese and American scientists have studied the place on the moon where it can be ice or water. This was reported in an article in Geophysical Research Letters.

As noted, researchers in the project used the Japanese satellite “Kaguya”. On the obtained images of the device, the researchers back in 2009 found on the visible side of the moon crater with a diameter and a depth of about 50 meters.

This crater is located right in the middle of the long winding furrows, which could be formed under the action of the lava flow in a closed “lava tube” with a length of 50 kilometers.

“Lava tube” — channels resulting from the uneven cooling of the lava. The surface layers of lava cools faster and become solid, it appears solid crust from which molten lava is gradually disappearing, forming a tunnel. Experts believe that the length of the tunnel can reach 65 kilometers.

Scientists say that in the future “lava tube” can be used to create a space base, which will be protected from radiation and provided with water.

Scientists just found the perfect spot to build an underground colony on the Moon

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Previously, researchers from the universities of Padua and Bologna spoke about the possible places on the moon and Mars suitable for human settlement.