Resident of Wroclaw fined for inciting hatred towards Ukrainians

The court of the Polish city of Wroclaw has fined a local resident Krzysztof Madej for inciting hatred towards Ukrainians. It is reported by Gazeta Wroclawska.

By the court, he needs to pay 1,000 zlotys (235 euros). In November last year, madey broke into one of the local schools, where the day of Ukraine in the framework of the project “Tolerant European”. Tore the newspaper and threw it on the Desk of the librarian and shouted that the Ukrainians murderers.

“I’d have to insult the court, so I will not comment on the verdict. Yes, I shouted that Ukrainians are murderers. Next time I will do the same,” said madey at the end of the process. He added that the school held the event, from his point of view, was the promotion of “anti-Semitism and racism in the Ukrainian version”.

On 30 September it was reported that the owner of the store in the Polish town of Barlinek (West Pomerania) posted an announcement stating that all citizens of Ukraine, who came for shopping, subject to inspection. Master Jerzy Ers explained that the inscription was made after the theft committed by Ukrainian. After the intervention of human rights activists, the announcement was removed.