Millions of computers first appeared under the threat of hacking due to the player

Hackers have invaded the website of the developer of Eltima applications with the aim to spread the virus is able to infect the resistant to malware Apple devices. It is reported by Bleeping Computer.

The attackers managed to embed the virus in a new version of Elmedia Player is a basic media player for millions of “Apple” computers.

The player has been infected with Trojan Proton RAT, already known to users of Windows. The program is able to open attackers unrestricted access to the device and collect personal information from system passwords and VPN configuration to the history of the browsers and the data of cryptocurrency wallets.

The material of the publication is not reported exactly when the developers of antivirus software company ESET detected the infection. But on October 19, the engineers compromised, the company announced that it has cleared the site and the app from malicious code.

The infection will testify to the existence of the following folders, which are subject to immediate destruction:


Nevertheless, experts recommend to Apple users recently install Elmedia Player, to check their computers.

The percentage of devices running the operating system MacOS, it’s still too small compared to the world lot of Windows-based computers, so for “Apple” technique rarely write special malware. And the presence of immunity to viruses, disabling Windows, makes your Apple device virtually indestructible.