Medina was not deprived of a scientific degree

Medina was not deprived of a scientific degree

The Presidium of the Higher attestation Commission (HAC) today did not deprive the Minister of culture, Vladimir Medinsky, the degree of doctor of historical Sciences. This was reported by one of the applicants — activist “Discerneth” Ivan Babitsky and the representative of the press service of the Medina.

At the meeting, which was closed to reporters, he came to Medina and historian Konstantin Averyanov, protecting the Minister’s position. Babitsky, who demanded to deprive the Minister of degree, was allowed into the meeting after Medina. After the speech, Medina Babitsky was able to ask him questions.

Also at the meeting was the scientific Director of the Institute of General history Alexander Chubarian. He told “Vedomosti” that invited the Chairman of the Waka, “I was Chairman of the expert Council”, “I’m interested”. He said at the meeting that you should not open Pandora’s box and to censor and prohibit free to write, retells the words of one of the participants of the meeting: “Neither the Director of the film — I watched it! — not historians”. After his speech to the Presidium of the HAC remained to discuss the decision.

Member of the Presidium of the HAC expert “Discerneth” Michael Gelfand told “Vedomosti” that the precedents of the presence at the meeting of the foreign experts were not there before.

According to him, there can be only VAK Chairman, members of the Presidium of HAC of the profile section, the person has filed a complaint about deprivation of degree, and the one whose thesis is considered and its representatives.

In early October, the expert Council of VAK on the history recommended to deprive Medina of a degree. The draft Council conclusions stated that the study was performed on the “very low level”, the author of “ignored the latest achievements of Russian and foreign historical science, has carried out an arbitrary and capricious selection of sources”, and the main text of the thesis is a “a condensation of the” already known historical and scientific information that do not contain new scientific knowledge. In practice, as told “Vedomosti” several members of the expert Council, the Presidium of the HAC is usually made the same decision, which recommended that Advisory Council.