For persons over 18

For persons over 18

Nude models and prostitutes protest benefit elections.

In October, Telegram-channel “Ruthless PR” there are reports that in the November issue of MAXIM magazine will be published project that encourages young people to go to the polls with frivolous girls photos. “” to figure out why the magazine decided to publish such material, and also talks about how sex affects policy in other countries.

Election campaign

At the table, on which lie papers and the registration book of voters, there are two girls with curvy shapes. “Elections: for adults only,” reads the caption on the back of men’s magazine MAXIM, which is due out in November.

“There are many things that you can or should start doing when they become adults. Harm to health, to marry, to work, to drive. But the coolest have the right to vote in the election,” urges readers edition.

Apparently, MAXIM appeals to young people, but read if boys and girls paper press at all? “We don’t know who reads magazines, we are editors, we are not interested in their audience. We believe that young people are reading us, too,” said “the” editor in chief of magazine Alexander Malenkov.

Numerous studies show that the new generation are less interested in erotica, however, Malenkov urged not to believe them. “As interest in erotica falls? The testosterone level of the population steadily decreases due to the concerns of the state, or what? How can he fall? He can’t fall or rise!” — outraged the editor-in-chief.

The project, in his opinion, might “at least to refresh the interest of citizens to elections.” Malenkov also urged not to be taken too seriously to the material. “Let us understand that MAXIM magazine is always an element of humor, this fantasy-Comedy project,” he concluded.

Their manners

Do not assume the project is MAXIM something unique. Erotica and sex have long been used to attract voters to the polls. For example, in the UK in 2017 were applied a similar approach.

British broadcaster Channel 4 has released a promotional video in which the young people recalled your “first time”. It was not about sex, but about the campaign for the elections, however, it became clear it immediately. “I remember now,” — said in the clip, one of the respondents. “I never did. Something wrong?” — asked the other girl. “I’ve done it when in the booth next to the parents doing the same thing,” blushing a little, confessed the young man.

More frankly and straightforwardly behaved pop star Madonna. During the election campaign Hillary Clinton, the singer has promised to those who will vote for former us Secretary of state, oral sex. “And I’m good at doing it! I enjoy the process, look in the eye and swallow”, — assured the 58-year-old singer gathered in the Madison square garden audience.

A promise she never fulfilled. After the election, a columnist for the New York Daily Post Hersh Kunzman came to the house of Madonna and tried to get inside to get the services she promised everyone who voted for Clinton. Not to be unfounded, he was prepared to give Madonna proof: selfie with the ballot. Alas, inside it was not allowed — Concierge said he knew nothing about the offer of the singer. Kunzman sent requests to the official representatives of the Madonna, but the answer have not received.