CIA chief talked about the ability of North Korea to launch a nuclear attack on the United States

North Korea is ready to launch a nuclear strike on the United States after a few months. This was stated by the head of the CIA Mike Pompeo, reports the Washington Examiner.

He stressed that there is a significant difference between the ability to launch a missile with one warhead and the creation of a substantial number of missiles with multiple warheads.

Pompeo said that now the nuclear capabilities of North Korea is much more serious than it was five years ago, and five months will be even better. According to him, now it makes sense to reflect on the “last step”.

October 19, North Korea has promised to inflict “unimaginable impact” on the United States at an unexpected moment. The warning was made in connection with the ongoing in the area of the Korean Peninsula naval exercise of warships of U.S. and South Korea.

On 26 September the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff us General Joseph Dunford said that North Korea will build an Intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead, able to strike at US, “soon”. According to him, China currently is the largest and most urgent threat to the United States.