British scientists urged not to yield to the elderly in transport

British scientists urged not to yield to the elderly in transport

MOSCOW, 20 Oct — RIA Novosti. Giving place to transport the elderly, we actually harm their health, says a group of British scientists led by orthopedic surgeon, Scareltt McNally.

She and her colleagues published in the British Medical journal study on the relationship between physical activity and social security for the elderly.

Scientists urge to distinguish between the effects of aging and lack of physical activity and noted that older people are quite capable with the help of regular exercise “to look younger” for ten years.

“We need to encourage activity with aging, not to encourage people to relax,” said McNally colleague, Professor Muir gray.

And think carefully before giving up your seat on the bus or train to an elderly person. Stand — a great exercise for them.Muir GrapeFest

“Many diseases in the elderly are not associated with the age and lack of activity. The more we practice, the better,” said McNally itself.

According to her, even the elderly, sent for treatment to the hospital, you should try to find time to squat or walk the halls.

McNally and her colleagues also noted that the society must change so that people middle-aged and older there were more opportunities for active recreation.