A resident of Blagoveshchensk took away child Panama, and received a suspended sentence

The inhabitant of Blagoveshchensk has received two years of probation due to the fact that they took away the child on the street Panama. This was reported on the website of the Annunciation city court.

The incident occurred in August. The man saw in the street a juvenile, approached him, took off his Panama and took it.

“The man told the minor that if he would demand the return of Panama, he hit him over the head and body, frightened, minors ceased to attempt to get your Panama”, — stated in the material.

His act he explained that Panama he liked it. The cost of headgear is a thousand rubles.

The court found the man guilty under the item “g” of part 2 of article 161 of the Russian criminal code (“Robbery with threat of application of violence not dangerous for health”). “By virtue of article 73 of the criminal code punishment is considered conditional with a trial period of one year and six months,” said the court.

Panama was returned to the rightful owner.