A pack of bears occupied the village in Chukotka

The surroundings of the village of ryrkaypiy, located in Iultinsky district of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, for several days occupied by two dozens of polar bears. The locals are afraid to leave their homes, reports The Siberian Times.

Earlier near the settlement of thousands of walruses have arranged a rookery on the cliff Kozhevnikova. A few days ago, more than a hundred animals, frightened by a predator, in a panic jumped off the cliff and crashed. As a result there in search of food came polar bears.

The population of the village — about 600 people — was under threat of bear attack. So, on October 16, the beast had tried to sneak into the house through the window.

Head of the project “Bear patrol” Viktor Nikiforov told the publication that, for the protection of animals, the villagers organized the patrols and distilled approaching the dwellings of animals.

In mid-October for one of the plants in the Tyumen region have their way with a bear cub. After an unsuccessful attempt to move the animals in the forest specialists had to kill the adult and the Teddy bear to catch. The recent increase in the visits of bears in the city environmentalists explain hungry.