To Sobchak. Who had surprised Russia in the presidential elections?

To Sobchak. Who had surprised Russia in the presidential elections?

From the commander of the military district to the chief of security Zhirinovsky — who campaigned for the top job.

The decision of Ksenia Sobchak to run for President in the elections of 2018, perhaps, identified the most extraordinary party of the presidential race. Of course, in order to become a candidate officially, Xenia Anatolevna is still long procedure. But, hand on heart, it is unlikely it will not overcome successfully the person whose Declaration of intention to participate in presidential elections is sounded in the main news on one of the main Federal TV channels.

The history of presidential elections in Russia is replete with unusual and even bizarre contenders for the presidency of the country. Let’s talk about those whose names were on the ballot.

1991. Albert Makashov

In the first presidential election of the then RSFSR was attended not just General, but the current warlord.

Albert Makashov at the time of the election was the commander of the red banner Volga-Ural military district.

The election Makashov was represented by the Communist party, to be precise, its radical wing. The result is 3.74% of the votes and 5th place.

From the command of the district Makashov was suspended two months for his support of the coup. Two years later, in the fall of 1993, he took an active part in the confrontation with Boris Yeltsin on the side of the Russian Parliament. After White house shooting was arrested in February 1994, was released on Amnesty. Then was the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party and in that capacity appeared in several high-profile scandals. By the end of the first decade of the XXI century the political career of General Makashov is almost over.

1996. Vladimir Bryntsalov

The owner of a pharmaceutical company “Bryntsalov-And” in terms of brightness during the election campaign of 1996, could give a hundred points ahead even Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Bryntsalov promised voters mountains of gold, boasted of his riches, alone, is the physical advantages of young spouses, Grand portraits painted by famous artist Alexander Shilov.

State Bryntsalov by that time was estimated at $ 2 billion.

But for Russian voters, who at that time was focused on physical survival in conditions of severe economic crisis, shocking Bryntsalov was excessive. In the end — 0,16% of the votes and the 10th place.