The presidents of the United States found unusual use of the red button

Meeting in the oval office of the White house

Former President Barack Obama used a red button installed in the oval office of the White house to order tea. This writes the British billionaire founder of the Virgin Group Richard Branson in his book Finding my Virginity, reports The Washington Examiner.

“I noticed the red button on his Desk. Obama noticed my view and said that “previously, these buttons were used in case of emergencies, and now I’m using them to order tea for guests, writes Branson.

The newspaper reminds that in April 2017 the American reporters found that the current President is Donald trump presses the red button if he wants to drink Cola.

“Red button” — the stereotypical name of the system, supposedly allowing the presidents of the nuclear powers to launch Intercontinental missiles. In reality, near the head of the White house is always a special officer, who holds the so-called nuclear suitcase, which on the card, similar in size to a credit printed “Gold codes” to initiate a nuclear missile strike.