The mother of the deceased soldier accused trump in contempt

The mother of the deceased soldier accused trump in contempt

The foster mother who died in combat, the American military said that he heard the US President told the widow that her husband knew what was going on.

First this conversation was told by a member of the house of representatives Frederica Wilson, a Democrat, represents a district in Miami, Florida.

According to her, she was in the limousine with the widow of the deceased serviceman Myeshia Johnson at a time when the President called, and heard on the loudspeaker words: “He knew what is signed, but I guess it still hurts”.

Trump responded by saying that the Wilson story is completely fabricated.

Sergeant La David Johnson died 4 Oct in Niger at the hands of Islamist militants, in an ambush. In total then killed four American soldiers.

Trump was criticized for what he hasn’t contacted families of the military immediately after their death.

Bringing up Johnson in childhood Kawanda Jones-Johnson (according to the Washington Post, she is his aunt and his biological mother died in early childhood Johnson) said in an interview: “President trump disrespected my son, my daughter, and also me and my spouse”.

We also learned that trump, in a telephone conversation with the father of another deceased military promised to help him out of his personal funds, but are reported in the end to help did not.

In an interview with the Washington Post, the man said that the President promised to write him a check for 25 thousand dollars. White house to request publication reported that the check was sent, and said: “Disgusting that media touch to that admittedly generous and sincere gesture.”

Frederica Wilson told the TV station WPLG, broadcast in Miami that heard “insensitive” the President’s words to the widow, as the phone in the limo was included on the speaker.

“I think the same can be said in a private conversation, but certainly not a grieving widow. Everyone knows that when you go to war, there is a chance not to come back alive. But you don’t need to be reminded of the grieving widow,” said the Democrat.