The court in Novosibirsk found former-Governor Yurchenko guilty

The court in Novosibirsk found former-Governor Yurchenko guilty

Moscow. 19 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — the Central district court of Novosibirsk on Thursday announces indictment of the former Governor Vasily Yurchenko charged with abuse of office, reported the correspondent of “Interfax” from the courtroom.

The sentencing is currently ongoing.

“The court found guilty Yurchenko installed,” said the judge, Alla Fun.

As reported, during the debate of the parties the state Prosecutor asked the court to appoint Yurchenko sentence of four years imprisonment. The prosecution believes that the guilt Vasily Yurchenko of his alleged crime because he has committed actions clearly outside the limits of his official authority, which caused substantial violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens and organizations.

The prosecution reduced the amount caused Gaztranskom, OAO damage, the application which are charged with Yurchenko, with 17.7 million rubles to 14 million rubles.

The defender asked court to justify Yurchenko for lack of evidence, stressing that the cancellation of the auction, which he is accused, is allowed to avoid applying “a multimillion-dollar harm” the region’s budget.