Spring offered to punish pedophiles to life in prison

Spring offered to punish pedophiles to life in prison

Moscow. 19 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — the working group under Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya proposes a life sentence for sexual crimes against minors.

“We first proposed to set a life sentence for sexual offences against children up to 12 years”, — said Yarovaya during Thursday’s meeting of the working group on the draft law introducing stricter liability for pedophiles.

The Deputy speaker called for the suspension of the Statute of limitations for crimes committed against minors, until they reach the age of majority in order to “ensure the inevitability of punishment”.

The bill also for the first time it is proposed to install additional deemed to be aggravating circumstance when the offence is committed by persons living together with children. The presence of such circumstances will result in a more severe punishment, and the court will not be able to appoint the minimum punishment for such crimes, said the parliamentarian.

“Sexual abuse of a minor with use of its official position for the first time proposed to refer to particularly serious offences and to increase the maximum penalty from 8 years to 15 years of imprisonment”, — said Vice-speaker of the state Duma.

Also for the first time established liability for concealment of serious crimes of this kind, if they are committed against children.

Spring singled out the Internet as a new form of communication, the use of which for criminal purposes allows you to commit a crime not against one person but against the right set of potential victims.

“Therefore, if introduced as aggravating the guilt of the fact of distribution of pornographic materials to children on the Internet and individual responsibility for forcing minors to perform sexual acts via the Internet,” she said.