Special forces sent to pacify the drunken 90 shift workers in the train in Transbaikalia

About 90 shift workers staged a drunken brawl on the train from the Yakut city of Neryungri to Novosibirsk, according to the website of the Transbaikalian linear Department of internal Affairs on transport.

Information about the next station Tynda drunk passengers disturb the order and ignore the requirements of the train crew, entered the duty of the division on 18 October.

“In order to operative intervention in the situation and further prevent the negative impact of conflict management (…) a decision is made about the involvement of fighters of special forces of Regardie”, — stated in the text.

In the result, ten passengers were removed from the train and taken for further investigation to the police. They were drawn up for the appearance in public under the influence (article 20.21 of the administrative code).