Spain decided to suspend the autonomy of Catalonia

The Spanish government has said it will start the procedure of applying 155th article of the Constitution suspending the Autonomous status of Catalonia. On Thursday, 19 October, reports Reuters with reference to the office of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom.

Saturday, October 21, the Cabinet of Ministers will convene for an extraordinary meeting to discuss further steps in respect of Catalonia.

Earlier, on 19 October, the head of the government of Catalonia Carles Pujdeme rejected the ultimatum to Madrid to Catalonia to abandon the pursuit of independence, however, reiterated commitment to dialogue to the Spanish authorities.

Three days before this Pujdeme sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, urging Madrid to negotiate. However, he did not clarify whether the proclaimed independence of the region.

The plebiscite on independence was held in the region on 1 October. More than 90 percent of those who voted for its secession from Spain. The Central government tried to prevent the referendum, including power methods. Suffered 893 people. Madrid of the will recognizes and considers his results null and void.