Sobchak makes the election campaign of the show, says Oksana Dmitrieva

Sobchak makes the election campaign of the show, says Oksana Dmitrieva

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Deputy of legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg Oksana Dmitrieva, earlier declared readiness to run for presidential elections in 2018, believes that Ksenia Sobchak does from the campaign show.

“I think that result has been achieved, the fun is about the presidential campaign in social media and among political analysts, experts already have… Trying to make the presidential campaign a like a fun show — well, it’s already there,” — said Dmitriev of RIA Novosti.

She noted that it is not taken seriously by Sobchak-policy. “As a person that goes with the program, it is possible to agree to disagree, but there should be some system of political views. In my opinion, neither one nor the other, but this one, as I understand it, is serious and is not” — said Dmitriev, explaining that relates to the nomination, “as part of the show”.

“She is doing what she does professionally show business. How useful to the country to make electoral campaign of the presidential show… In my opinion, not helpful. Even if we believe that the election result is a foregone conclusion, the only meaning of the election campaign and to the dry residue is a real meaningful conversation, meaningful discussion and competition programs,” — said Dmitriev.

Sobchak said Thursday on the website that will participate in the presidential elections in 2018. An open letter Sobchak has published the newspaper “Vedomosti”. “I’m the candidate “against all” — is positioning himself TV presenter, who’s 5 November, I’ll be 36 years old.