Putin told the Americans all secret facilities in Russia under Yeltsin

Vladimir Putin

In the 1990s, the American experts had access to all secret objects of the Russian nuclear weapons complex. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared during the final plenary session of international discussion club “Valdai”. The stream leads TASS.

The issue of nuclear disarmament has become one of the key themes that Russian President raised in his speech. The head of state reminded that at the end of the last century between Moscow and Washington were concluded several relevant agreements, the Nunn — Lugar program and the HEU. The highest position of Russia was Boris Yeltsin.

The agreement on the Nunn — Lugar program allowed professionals from the United States to make 620 visits to the “Holy of holies” the nuclear shield of Russia, said the head of state. “The United States had access to all top secret objects of the Russian Federation”, — Putin said, adding that the document actually was one-sided.

According to Putin, in the framework of the second agreement the Americans made 170 visits to the closed zone of the Russian processing plants.

“At the Ural electrochemical plant directly in the shops was even equipped with a permanent American post. Was created permanent jobs where American experts went every day like a job. Do not “like”, and went to work. And in their rooms, as usual in this case, for the top secret Russian objects stood the American flag,” — said the President.

At the same time, he noted that the HEU has become one of the most effective measures of nuclear disarmament in the history of mankind. “In the framework of this agreement Russia was derived from the treatment of 500 tons of weapons-grade uranium, equivalent to about 20 thousand nuclear warheads,” — said the Russian leader.