Putin called the controversial outcome of the 1917 revolution

Revolution is always the outcome of lack of accountability of all stakeholders, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his speech at the meeting of the Valdai club on Thursday, October 19. His words RIA Novosti reported.

“Today, referring to the lessons of a century ago, to the revolution of 1917, we see how ambiguous were the results as negative are closely intertwined and it is necessary to recognize the positive impacts of those events,” — said the Russian leader.

According to him, currently growing inequality generates millions of people the feeling of injustice and exclusion that leads to radicalisation of society. Putin stressed that, in addition to the revolutionary path, there are always evolutionary.

The President also believes that many of the achievements of the West were a response to the challenge of the Soviet Union. “Referring to the improved living standards, the formation of a powerful middle class, the reforms of the labour market and the social sphere, development of education, human rights guarantees, including the rights of minorities and women, the overcoming of racial segregation, which, I recall, a few decades ago was a shameful practice in many countries, including the United States,” he explained.

In mid-September, deputies from the LDPR faction in the Duma introduced a draft resolution on declaring Amnesty in connection with the centenary of the October revolution.

The October revolution (the Great October socialist revolution or Bolshevik revolution) is one of the largest political events of the XX century. It happened in Russia in October (new style — November) 1917.