North Korea has threatened the USA unimaginable and unexpected blow

The DPRK promised to put in an unexpected moment “unimaginable impact” on the United States. This is stated in a statement released by state news Agency KCNA, reports the South Korean Agency Yonhap.

This warning was made in connection with the ongoing Korean Peninsula naval exercise of warships of U.S. and South Korea. “In Washington, it seems, is on the loose, bringing us under the nose of the goals that we previously identified as a priority,” — said the KCNA.

The Pentagon sent to the East coast of the Korean Peninsula the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76). Ship together with a support group and spend launch detection, tracking, trajectory and interception of North Korean ballistic missiles.

On 26 September the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff us General Joseph Dunford said that North Korea will build an Intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead, able to strike at US, “soon”. According to him, China currently is the largest and most urgent threat to the United States.