North Korea has found a second submarine with a ballistic missile

American intelligence discovered the latest North Korean submarine Sinpo-C, which is probably armed with one or more Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), according to The Diplomat.

Photo: DigitalGlobe / 38 North / Getty Images

According to the publication, the submarine is equipped with a diesel-electric engine has a displacement of 2 thousand tons and a maximum width of about 11 meters.

Although a satellite image of the submarine made in April 2017, about its existence the newspaper has learned only recently.

Currently, it is known about the existence of North Korea is only one of the submarines with ICBM — Sinpo-B. Submarine with a displacement of 1.7 thousand tons first noticed in 2014, the ship is armed ICBMs Pukguksong-1.

Submarine Sinpo-C, said The Diplomat, larger and stronger Sinpo-B and probably capable of carrying larger ICBMs. On the other hand, Sinpo-C is likely to be readily available for the detection of forces in South Korea, Japan and the United States.