Interview with Yuri Dude with Vladimir Pozner: the main thesis

Interview with Yuri Dude with Vladimir Pozner: the main thesis

About power, journalism and the trade-offs.

1. If your dream is to become a journalist — forget. Our country, the journalists of today to anything. But if you see it as your destiny, then be prepared that it will be very difficult.

In Russia, journalism is no more — there are individual journalists.

But I believe that this profession has a future — without this, the state can not exist.

2. I may not be ashamed for other people — only for myself. In a situation with Artem by Seninim (presenter of the program “First Studio” on the First channel, which hit a guest, the American Michael Bohm. — Esquire) it was frustrating hard for Me in connection with what is happening.

But I’ve been working with him for 13 years, he’s my friend and he is still the editor-in-chief of my program “Pozner” — he organizes workflow.

It has nothing to do with the content of the program. I don’t discuss politics with him, I just seemed not to notice his political views.

3. Donald trump — neurotic with a nuclear suitcase. He’s not interested. But the interview I would take, although he is unlikely to agree.

4. I have an Allergy. I can faint from stupidity.

5. After the reservation with the “State fool” the program was on the verge of closing. This was said to me by Konstantin Ernst. On other occasions, I don’t know.

6. Three times from my program, cut out the pieces. Called twice for Ernst and said that thought would need something to cut. Twice I agreed, reluctantly. And when it happened a third time — without my knowledge — I met with Ernst and said, “If this happens again (although I’m not a fan of ultimatums) let’s close the program”. Since then, nothing. I do not remember what it was program.

7. I would like to do interviews with people who directly affect our lives — politicians, members of the state Duma, or just interesting people.

I’d like to do an interview with Navalny and Ksenia Sobchak.

Khodorkovsky was an interesting thing. Shortly after his release from prison, he made a statement that they no longer go into politics. I called sand and asked what he thought about the interview with him. I understand that it is in any case will be discussed at the top. He said, “why not?” And then Khodorkovsky made a political statement, that is, changed his position. Well, when I called back, Sands said, “Well, Mr Putin, the man said one thing and then did another.” And I immediately realized that no. Sands not the boss of me, I have a friendly relationship, he knows some things and can give me advice. I use it.