“House 3”: how social media reacted to the nomination Sobchak

“House 3”: how social media reacted to the nomination Sobchak

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. The statement presenter and the public figure Xenia Sobchak on the nomination for the post of President of Russia 2018 provoked a strong reaction of Internet users and was mentioned in major Western media.

Sobchak reminded of her past.

A government meeting with Ksenia Sobchak: pic.twitter.com/4hKIJXxUVd

— Mr. Goodwin (@tomsk1990) 18 Oct 2017
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Some drew Parallels with Western politicians.

Yes We Can pic.twitter.com/9zoU5A7uTH

— Ilya Barabanov (@barabanch) 18 Oct 2017
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Trump is also out for fun on elections came to the fore and won. Sobchak for President, Borodin for Prime Minister.

— ChernayaSotnya (@Metanoia_a) 18 Oct 2017
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The opposition are divided in their evaluation of the decision of the presenter.

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But if in 2012 the nomination of Prokhorov’s many baffled, Sobchak is too obvious. The Kremlin’s ears stick out a kilometer:)

— Sergey Udaltsov (@s_udaltsov) 18 Oct 2017
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“Russian Paris Hilton”

The subject has attracted the attention of Western journalists who tried to assess the role of candidate Sobchak in Russian politics.

“Russian Paris Hilton challenge Vladimir Putin in the elections” — writes the British newspaper the Independent. According to the newspaper, her candidacy will be perfect for the Kremlin, as it has a chance to split the opposition and to pull votes from other candidates to Putin.

The Guardian quoted analysts who believe that her candidacy will give legitimacy to elections and to revive the presidential race, in which “older opponents of Putin” are boring and have long abandoned real competition with the President.

The material is called ABC Sobchak, a Russian TV star, that his decision to participate in the elections will offer the long awaited alternative to the liberals, dissatisfied with the rule of Vladimir Putin. However, it has little chance to win, the newspaper notes.

The candidate against all

Ksenia Sobchak announced its decision to participate in the elections on Wednesday by posting an appeal on its website and in social networks. The presenter positions himself as the candidate “against all” and urges followers to take part in the voting in 2018.

Publication of Ksenia Sobchak (xenia_sobchak) Oct 18 2017 8:32 PDT

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“Really, just nowhere to go. Why bother to go to the election if those candidates who have tired of us, and others, this is still not allowed. But if you don’t go, then how to understand that you do not care? How to understand that you are against? How to make your voice heard?” — is spoken in the video Sobchak.

The presenter called himself a controversial candidate, noting that he is a good organizer who could bring the country benefits and not bound by any ideological framework or party discipline.

“I’m a journalist, blonde in chocolate, the daughter of the reformer, member of the coordination Council of the Russian opposition — I may be your candidate — but my participation in the elections for the above positions is beneficial to the voters, it is useful for the Russian political system,” — said in the letter posted on the Vedomosti website.

Sobchak said that he is a wealthy man, and the campaign will be funded through donations, the wealthy.

“All my income — the result of severe and visible all of the work. I pride myself on my autonomy and independence. I will be able to raise money for his campaign — and it is also very important, because I probably won’t have time to collect their pennies from a million of poor people, I hope to gather them among the elite,” she said in her letter.