Experts have shown that mass murder in the US is not “contagious”

Experts have shown that mass murder in the US is not “contagious”

Mass murder in the United States occur with constant frequency and not a “contagious”. To such conclusions scientists have come, analyzing the statistics of such cases over the past 10 years.


Have not had time to subside passion after a high-profile shooting of the concert in Las Vegas, which killed 59 people, in the US there was a new mass murder — on the morning of 18 October, the man opened fire on his colleagues in one of the business parks of the state, then disappeared. Police identified the shooter, they found 37-year-old Redi Prince. His victims were three men, just as the shooter is suspected in six attacks.

The frequency of references to such events in the media is growing subjective sense that mass shootings in the US occur more often. However, the statistical study conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, showed that it is not:

on average, mass shootings in the United States occur with the same frequency.

Each such execution does not affect the time of onset of the next. In their study, Douglas king and Sheldon Jacobson analyzed the temporal distribution of cases of mass shootings in the US since 2006 and 2016. The analysis showed that such executions in the US are stable for over a decade a frequency of roughly one in two weeks..

“Facebook and the media we hear a lot about mass murder. People often think they are getting bigger, but the data don’t talk about it — said Jacobson, — They kept at the same level for decades.”