Courting couple in Tunisia has been jailed for having sex in the car

The court in Tunisia has sentenced to prison a 30-year-old Frenchman and his 40-year-old girlfriend-a local woman for “indecent assault” committed in the car. It is reported BFMTV.

During the trial the police showed that the couple indulged in amorous pleasures in the car, and during the arrest they resisted.

In the end, the man received four months in prison, and his companion — two. The prisoners say that they did not commit anything wrong and not even kissed.

A pair of lawyers argue that the case against their clients is fabricated. and during the investigation was marred by numerous procedural violations.

9 Oct it was reported that the awaiting trial in the UAE Scotsman Jamie Harron spent on court costs about 30 thousand pounds (52.6 thousand dollars) and lost his job. On July 15 this year, Herron was in a bar, the Rock Bottom. The place was crowded. Fearing to spill the drinks he had made himself up the road and accidentally touched the thigh near the men, who later called the police. The Scot was sent to prison for five days after he was released, however, the passport men were the representatives of local authorities. He faces three years in prison for drinking alcohol and indecent touching of a local resident.