Became known why women stop having sex.

Became known why women stop having sex.

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. The main reasons for the cessation of sexual life are pain during intercourse, and the inability or unwillingness of the partner to make love. This is evidenced by the results of the survey of 1,500 women over 55 years old, conducted by a team of American scientists from the Center for health research Portland, reports Medical News Today.

The study was aimed to find out how menopause affects sexual life of women and why they lose interest in sex after menopause. The survey participants were able to choose multiple response options.

Pain or discomfort during intercourse complained about half of the respondents, 47% of women said the lack of interest or physical ability for the partner to perform a sexual act. A quarter of respondents talked about vaginal dryness and related discomfort during sex. Seven percent of respondents admitted to involuntary urination during intercourse. Almost half of the respondents to the beginning of the study about six months without sex.

“The symptoms of climacteric syndrome restrict women’s ability to exercise sexual activity and negatively affect the emotional experience from sexual activity,” said Dr. Amanda Clark, who led the study.

Previously, scientists found that the degree of sexual satisfaction of men in a greater degree depends on the duration of erection, desire and female orgasm. In women, this process, in turn, depends on desire and orgasm in men.