Authorities have responded to accusations of indifference of the head of the Irkutsk Ministry of health to the passenger

Oleg Yaroshenko

The Minister of health of Irkutsk region Oleg Yaroshenko did not help the passenger who became ill during the flight because I was asleep. On Thursday, October 19, reported the head of the press service of the regional government Irina Aleshkevich.

“The Minister today really came from Moscow. Flight 1442 at 21:20 took off from Moscow, and it so happened that he fell asleep on the plane. That the passenger needed help, Oleg did not know. I’m sure on one hundred percent that if he fell asleep, he certainly would have helped the passenger,” — she wrote in Facebook.

On Thursday morning aboard, carrying out flight from Moscow to Irkutsk, became ill one of the passengers. According to eyewitnesses, the plane was the head of the Irkutsk Ministry of health, who graduated from the Tomsk military-medical Institute. But after the crew over the intercom and asked to approach the passenger doctors, if any, on the Board, the Minister did not respond and “sit back, asleep.”

As a result, the help came two other doctors, who also were on that flight. Upon arrival to Irkutsk, the patient was hospitalized for the ambulance. Source FlashSiberia in medical circles confirmed the departure of the ambulance to the airport.

Yaroshenko graduated from the Military medical Academy named after Kirov and the higher academic courses of the Military Academy of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces. Earlier the official held a post of the adviser of the Governor of the Irkutsk region on health care.

Background: the head of the Irkutsk Ministry of health has ignored a request by the passenger of the aircraft