Almost 20 polar bears settled near the Chukotka village

Almost 20 polar bears settled near the Chukotka village

Moscow. 19 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — Nearly two dozen polar bears settled down near the Chukotka village of ryrkaypiy, experts organized a vigil to deter predators from housing.

“The settlement is located near the monument of nature “Cape Kozhevnikov”, created to preserve coastal Pacific walrus rookery”, — reported on the website of the scientific programme “polar bear”. Polar bears drew a crowd of walruses, which this fall, the rookery was about five thousand.

Now the walruses are gone, but about 20 polar bears stay near the village. Predators feed on dead animals, but some young animals out of curiosity suited to dwellings. Recently, one of them squeezed through the window and tried to get inside, the report said.

The specialists of the expedition center “Marine mammals” organized a vigil to save the lives of both people and endangered animals. Observers watching the bears and drove them from the housing people.

According to experts, the housing is suitable only for young bears aged 3-5 years old who first saw the man, at this stage it is sufficient to watch and scare away animals from homes. When will we have more snow bears should drive away to safety.

The polar bear is listed in the International Red book and the Red book of the Russian Federation. Hunting for him is absolutely forbidden. Weight of polar bears can reach 800 kg. the Average weight of the male — 400-450 kg. This predator feeds on seals, walruses, Beluga whales.