The tax pack in polyethylene

The tax pack in polyethylene

Special presidential envoy on issues of the environment, transport and environmental protection Sergei Ivanov has asked the Ministry of industry to study the idea of an environmental charge on plastic bags. He drew attention that the polyethylene does “multiples more” damage than paper bags. Environmentalists and does insist on the renunciation of use in the home such packages: they sent the largest grocery retailers offer to voluntarily withdraw them from circulation.

“Damage to the polyethylene causes a multiple greater than paper”, — said Sergey Ivanov at the meeting of the organizational Committee on holding the year of ecology. He also noted that in all the chain stores when buying goods issue plastic bag, and rarely offer a choice of paper counterpart, meanwhile, “plastic bag decomposes 300 years.” The reason for the reluctance of retailers to work with paper packages, Mr. Ivanov explained that the Russian company “rarely produced strong paper bags, and they cost more.”

Now, supermarkets are the place where we sell a huge amount of debris in the form of unnecessary packaging and disposable packages.Alexander Ivanjkovci of the project “Greenpeace Russia” “Zero waste”

Environmentalists have already sent the 20 largest grocery retailers, particularly chains “Magnet”, “Coswell”, “Azbuka Vkusa”, X5 Retail Group (“Perekrestok”, “Karusel”, “Pyaterochka”), offer voluntarily to abandon the disposable plastic bags and replace them with reusable.

“While the law is not strictly regulated, so we start with the business. We want to find among retailers of pioneers, ready to change their batch policy without coercion by law and conscious of their impact on nature,” says Mr. Ivannikov.

In your organization, pay attention: “every year in our country is sold is not less than 26.5 billion packs, while they are often used only once to bring groceries from the store.”

“Greenpeace of Russia” offers grocery retailers to phase out the free distribution of any disposable packs (thin t-shirts and filling for weighing fruits and vegetables), replacing them with reusable alternatives (reusable bags, bags of thick plastic). According to them, this will help to encourage buyers to use their own bags for goods.

Olga Nikitina.

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