The suburbs is among the leaders in the number of environmental events

Moscow was included into number of leaders on many environmental activities and community involvement in the environmental agenda. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Wednesday, September 18.

“Leaders in the number of events and community involvement in the environmental agenda began to Moscow, Tyumen, Saratov and the Moscow region”, — said the Minister of natural resources and ecology of Russia Sergey Donskoy at the meeting of the organizational Committee on holding the year of ecology.

This year in Moscow began a large-scale reform of the system of treatment of waste. The authorities plan to halve the volume of solid waste destined for disposal in landfills, through recycling. In addition, the region implemented the Governor’s program “Clean Moscow”, in which out anti-rubbish regularly conducted raids and other actions aimed at preventing littering of territories. The patrols involved the Ministry of transport and road infrastructure, traffic police, Gosadmtekhnadzor, service, inspection roads, GBU MO Mosavtodor, as well as activists of the project “General cleaning” of the onf.

In September, the Ministry of ecology and nature management of the Moscow region in the course of surveillance activities revealed 156 violations of environmental legislation. Just in September, the staff of the state ecological supervision conducted 687 inspections.