The political creed of Ksenia Sobchak

The political creed of Ksenia Sobchak

On 18 October, TV presenter and public figure Kseniya Sobchak announced the nomination for the presidential elections in Russia in March 2018. “B” collected statements by key political and economic issues.

About Vladimir Putin

“I do not feel obliged to Putin, because personally I never did, Putin is not asked for and not received. I feel obliged to Putin and will always consider itself obliged to Putin for the fact that at the time in difficult situation, he helped my father” (in July 2012, the program “live” Maxim Shevchenko).

On currency crisis

“All this panic, but nothing bad will happen. Just slowly but surely, we become a Cuba in the snow. I’ll still ride my A8, but just going badauni gasoline to fill it, parts it is cars of the weld, the pipe will change to smoke could. But compared to riding to work on carts, donkeys and old bikes “Youth” I’m still cool” (December 16, 2014, on his page in Instagram).

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About Crimea

“That’s it. War. This decision will either be another small triumphant war of Vladimir, but it may be his Afghanistan… so I told you that Putin is not about money for a long time, and about to “make history”. Olympics — good, but the appetites are growing. “The President, who returned to Russia the Crimea” — this is a major section in the textbook” (March 2, 2014, on his page in Facebook).

About Chechnya

“You wanted to Chechnya was included in the constitutional-legal field of Russia, and it became clear that Russia was included in the constitutional law of Chechnya. And what sane investor would invest in a country where the most dear and authoritative people — bearded men with the Golden guns of Kadyrov’s personal guard?” (June 10, 2017, in a video address to Vladimir Putin on the website “Rain”).

About Boris Yeltsin

“I’m about Boris Yeltsin, I know firsthand, my family was connected to him… This man, whose political interests were above all others” (November 25, 2015, at the opening of the Yeltsin center in Yekaterinburg).