The mayor of Kaliningrad urged residents to get out in the yards and go by the time the 2018 world Cup

The mayor of Kaliningrad Alexander Yaroshuk urged residents to clean up yards and leaving the city to the time matches of world football championship of 2018, reports “Interfax” on Wednesday, October 18.

“One of the four games, which will be held in Kaliningrad, will definitely be the European top. The city will come from 70 to 100 thousand tourists. All, of course, the stadium will not be”, — explained his request Yaroshuk live local radio stations.

Those who will not go to rest on nature, he recommended that “no beat”. “If you speak English and help the tourists say, is talk,” said the mayor.

In turn, the city administration negotiates with employers on providing Kaliningraders weekend during the championship matches. In addition, in Kaliningrad, according to Yaroshuk, virtually banned the movement of vehicles, freeing up the roads for “shuttles that will take fans”.

The stadium for the matches in the final stage the 2018 world Cup stadium 35 thousand spectators erected in the city centre on the island of October.

The 2018 world Cup will be held in 12 stadiums in 11 Russian cities from June 14 to July 15.