The government of Moscow region commented on the idea to regulate beekeeping

Law on beekeeping will be useful both for the Moscow region and for the whole country, the Minister of agriculture and food of the region Andrey Razin. His words are on the website of the regional government on Wednesday, October 18.

“Russia really needs to introduce a law on beekeeping. It should clearly regulate the organization and keeping of apiaries, maintain standards of quality and types of products, as well as to propose government measures to support the beekeepers,” said Razin.

He also noted that in the Moscow region some beekeepers inconvenience to their neighbours. “In fact, we are talking about what is apiary create the owners of suburban areas. Other owners of land in these settlements is not always happy neighborhood with a swarm of bees, so these issues need to be carefully managed to accommodate all interests,” he explained.

Earlier, the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev has indicated the need for clear and transparent regulation of beekeeping.

In mid-July in the region chose the best beekeeper in the framework of the regional stage of all-Russian professional skill contest held in Zaraysk. The contestants competed in the knowledge of the theory and demonstrated practical skills in working with the bees.

On 6 April the state Duma Committee on agrarian issues has rejected a bill which anticipated the introduction of the General principles of legal regulation, organization and management of beekeeping and the protection of bees.