The author of the monument to Kalashnikov refused to fix the monument

Sculptor Salavat Shcherbakov refused to alter the monument to the Soviet gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov, set in the heart of Moscow. About the author the Federal news Agency.

According to him, he has no plans to make changes because “Rosvooruzhenie said that it was all right. There on the picture on the top of these drawings was a Kalashnikov”.

While Scherbakov said that in error there is nothing wrong, and cited the example of the rejected coins, which are converted subsequently to a numismatic rarity. He added that “those who try to find some mistakes, happy mistakes, work, in fact, the enemy.”

In September in Moscow was opened a monument to the armorer Mikhail Kalashnikov. On the bas-relief of the monument found the drawing of the German StG 44 rifle. Later, Shcherbakov acknowledged the error.