The American woman was forbidden to offend the sensibilities of foreigners singing the national anthem

Employees of American airlines, Delta did not allow the passenger to sing the US national anthem, so as not to offend the feelings of passengers from other countries. It is reported by The New York Post.

The incident occurred in the U.S. city of Atlanta. On the way from Philadelphia, the pilot announced to passengers that the Board is the body of the deceased American soldier. Dr. Pamela Godri invited other passengers together to sing “the star-spangled Banner” is the national anthem of the United States. A lot of people agreed.

According to Godri when the intention became known to the crew, she was approached by an older stewardess. “She got up on one knee and said what are we going to do, contrary to the rules of the company. I asked: “Hymn on Board? When soldiers here?”, and she said, “Yes, you can’t sing the national anthem, it’s against company policy””. The flight attendant explained that passengers from other countries may feel uncomfortable.

Godri admitted that he had obeyed, and now very sorry. In the end, an honor guard carried the coffin with the body of a soldier with the silence of the passengers.

Later it became known that on Board of the aircraft was the body of staff Sergeant Dustin Wright, who died in Niger on 5 October. Then the detachment was attacked, presumably, the action cell of the terrorist group “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) operating in Niger and Mali. During the shelling killed five soldiers of the army of Niger.