Sobchak announced plans to stand in presidents of Russia

Sobchak announced plans to stand in presidents of Russia

Ksenia Sobchak announced its decision to participate in elections of the President of Russia. The presenter said that a vote for her will actually return the column “Against all”.

About the plans of his candidature Sobchak said in a letter sent to the newspaper “Vedomosti”. “Many years ago, the power of making electoral law, depending on their tactical needs as the rich, have deprived us of this tool. His participation in the March presidential election, I want him back. Ksenia Sobchak — in your newsletter, this is a column “Against all”, she explained.

You are against the fact that for many years only Zyuganov, Yavlinsky, Putin and their faceless understudies and alternates? You want to show your active position, but your candidate is prevented for the elections? You do not have your candidate? Note Sobchak. You don’t choose her for the presidency. You just get a legal and peaceful opportunity to say “Enough! Enough is enough!”Ksenia Sobchak

Sobchak said that the elections, in its opinion, should be used “for public discussion of the shortcomings of our government and to improve the skills of the opposition.” She believes that while the March elections will not be truly free, to boycott them is not necessary, even though the refusal to register “a prominent opposition figures in the first place Alexey Navalny”. “To win a marathon, you need to train and participate, and to demand fair judging,” she said. As an example, Sobchak led the election of municipal deputies in Moscow, where in some areas, the opposition managed to win.

Sobchak said about the importance of propaganda in the media that “the rest of the time totally usurped by the government and close to it by sycophants”. The presenter called himself the mouthpiece of those who wish to voice a complaint to the existing system. “Today we need to forget our differences, and remember again about the commonality of our views,” she wrote.

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Finally, Sobchak explained why she fits the role of the candidate “Against all”. According to the presenter, it is out of the rigid ideological framework. “I’m not even at “our Crimea” and not against”, — said Sobchak. “I am in favour of the nation total theft, there this policy, the government, accountable to the free will of the people who will be able to decide for themselves how they live, and equal with the world community and neighbors to decide whose is the Crimea really”, she said.

“I know what I risk, and proved its willingness to take these risks. I have things to do, but I have put aside everything to do what I think is needed in this political moment,” she added. “Alexei Navalny suggested today’s top peaceful departure. They wouldn’t believe him. And I believe it. I can talk with everyone”, — said Sobchak.

Maybe I’m overly romantic, but politicians cynical enough, at the same time, I’m Ksenia Sobchak, intelligent enough to understand that the authorities want to use my nomination as the legitimacy of these elections. But I am a candidate “Against all”, I refuse to play someone else’s role, to take someone else’s Metocene Sobchak

“I know I’m a controversial figure. I’m a journalist, blonde in chocolate, the daughter of the reformer, member of the coordination Council of the Russian opposition — I may not be your candidate — but my participation in the elections for the above positions is beneficial to the voters, it is beneficial for the Russian political system”, — said Sobchak.

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Finally, Sobchak explained why she fits the role of the candidate “Against all”. According to the presenter, it is out of the rigid ideological framework. “I’m not even at “our Crimea” and not against”, — said Sobchak. “I am in favour of the nation total theft, there this policy, the government, accountable to the free will of people to decide for themselves how to live and on an equal footing with the world community and neighbors to decide whose really the Crimea”, — she said.

Finally, Sobchak gave a brief overview of their views on domestic and foreign policy. In foreign policy, it is suggested to be partners and allies of the European democratic and prosperous country. In domestic policy — the abolition of article 282 of the Criminal code, the abolition of restrictions on the holding of referendums, the protection of political representation of minorities, the redistribution of income in favor of regions, ensuring the independence of the judiciary.

The economy Sobchak has proposed to privatize all the major state corporations, reform the tax and regulatory legislation to limit media ownership by the state and private individuals.

Technology Sobchak considers it necessary to cancel the “Spring Package” and release operators from regulatory functions and administrative and financial burdens.

In the sphere of religion Sobchak proposes not to Fund religious institutions from the state budget.

In the social sphere Sobchak proposes to abolish all laws restricting the rights of people by gender and sexual orientation, as well as laws prohibiting the adoption of Russian citizens by foreign citizens.

In his headquarters Sobchak invited “all democratic forces”, called to help her collect signatures for nomination. “I ask for your help. I hope and expect it,” she said.

Possible involvement Sobchak in the elections, the TV channel “Rain” commented Dmitry Peskov. According to the press Secretary of the President, her candidacy meets the requirements of the Constitution, and, therefore, it may ballot for the presidency.

The information that the administration of President Sobchak called “ideal” female candidate appeared in the newspaper “Vedomosti” on 1 September. The presenter then described the Russian political landscape as “boring and ugly”.

Alexei Navalny, commenting in the media, called on the Prime Minister to participate in “the Kremlin’s pretty disgusting game called “Get to the polls the liberal ridicule, to divert attention”.

He suggested that to propose it is decided by the oligarchs or the President’s administration, who need a “caricature of the liberal candidate.” “Sobchak, being a man of very bright, recognizable and attractive, [follows] a rather cannibalistic views on politics and the economy,” said Navalny.

Appeal to Sobchak recorded and living in London businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin. He offered the moderator not to participate in a fixed match. “I heard you were going to be the elections. And you know perfectly well that you’re doing legitimate knock Putin and Alexei Navalny. And I’ll be forced to send you and your whole team,” he wrote in his Facebook, adding to that a few swear words.

Ksenia Sobchak now holds the position editor-in-chief of l’officiel magazine, which publishes AMCG Alexander Fedotov. Vice President of AMCG Ekaterina Tikhomirova said that while the media company is not ready to comment on how the participation Sobchak in the presidential campaign will affect her work in AMCG. The company and Xenia Sobchak will make a joint statement on Thursday, said Tikhomirov.

Also this season Ksenia Sobchak became the leading “New American idol” on channel “Muz TV”. Andrey Dimitrov, CEO of the holding YUTV, which is included in “Muz TV”, said that Sobchak would remain as presenter of the TV show.

Sobchak takes the 10th place in the latest ranking of the home of Russian celebrities, according to Forbes — its revenue last year was $2.1 million According to the magazine, one promotional post on social networks is worth about €7000-8000 to products from the luxury segment, and from €10 000 for goods of mass demand. The largest advertising contracts — Department store, JPoint (jewelry), “Terekhov” (clothes), Prelox (to increase potency) and Dior Makeup.

According to SPARK Ksenia Sobchak is the only co-Besser, OOO, which is engaged in food activities and provides services for the delivery of food. Sobchak owns 10% of the company, the other co-owner, Miller (90%). The CEO of this company said that with the “Donut” it is not, moreover, this operative legal entity and there was no business.

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