Petersburger crashed while trying to climb down the sheets of someone else’s apartment

In St. Petersburg with serious injuries was hospitalized 38-year-old man fell from the third floor of the house on the street grandma, passes “” on Wednesday, October 18.

The incident occurred a day earlier. The victim was diagnosed with injuries to the abdomen and chest, fracture of the limbs and closed cherepno-a brain trauma. Doctors found that he was drunk.

At the scene police noticed hanging from the window of the third floor of a bundle of sheets. In the apartment there was no one. It is established that the victim registered at a different address.

Law enforcement agencies establish circumstances of the incident.

September 26 in Ekaterinburg from height of the fourth floor broke 18-year-old College student, who wanted to surprise the girls in the Dorm. The young man tried to go down to him on the sheets. He was hospitalized with numerous fractures and concussion.