Nikiforov did not rule out retaliatory measures in connection with the problem of the Russian media in USA

The Minister of communications of Russia Nikolay Nikiforov © Mikhail Klimentyev/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, October 18. /TASS/. The Minister of communications of Russia Nikolai Nikiforov does not exclude retaliatory measures in connection with the problem of Russian media in the US, but they will not be symmetrical. He reported about it to journalists.

Russia for the month lent US $ 2.3 billion

Russia in August 2017 have increased investment in US government bonds 2.3 billion to $ 105,4 billion dollars. This is evidenced by data from the U.S. Treasury. Compared to August 2016 portfolio of U.S. bonds of the Russian Federation increased by $ 18 billion. Russia currently ranks 14th among the holders of the bonds of the United States. The top leaders in the last 10 years are China and Japan, which the United States needs 1.2 and $ 1.1 trillion respectively. In addition to the above countries are among the largest creditors of the United States included Ireland, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In June, Reuters reported that the Federal reserve supplied the American authorities sensitive information on the assets of foreign Central banks, including the Bank of Russia. Immediately after the introduction of Washington’s personal sanctions against Russian businessmen in March 2014 the Russian

Russia tested a secret missile system

Strategic missile forces have tested a new missile complex silo-based missiles located on the route Clear (missile area dombarovskiy) — Kura (Kamchatka), told RIA Novosti the chief of Kapustin Yar, major-General Oleg Kislov. The military did not elaborate on what was complex and did not mention the specific location. Kislov, notes TASS, also said that in the presence of Plesetsk, Baikonur and the East to convert the Kapustin Yar cosmodrome is impractical. “The capabilities of existing and newly established launch sites fully provide the necessary needs for developing a modern manned space systems,” — said the chief of Kapustin Yar. As noted by RIA Novosti, the strategic missile forces are working on the latest liquid heavy rocket RS-28 “Sarmat”, which is scheduled to be put into service in 2019-2020. Development work on the project began in 2011, created the rocket will replace the complex “Voevoda” (“Satan”). Missile launch weight is

Four years to keep the defense from IG General killed in Syria

Archive photo General of the Syrian army Isaam Zahreddin responsible for the defense of the Deir ez-Zor was blown up by a mine and died. On Wednesday, October 18, reports channel Al-Mayadeen. It is noted that this occurred during the offensive of the Syrian army. The bomb was planted near the road in the district Habagat-es-Saqr. Zahreddine called one of the most famous generals of the government forces, who played a significant role in the civil war in Syria, and the most prominent representatives of the local Druze community. Its representatives have repeatedly criticized him for what he is fighting on the side of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. The General took part in the battle for Aleppo, but for the last 3.5 years he was responsible for the defense of the besieged city of Deir ez-Zor. In early September, Assad congratulated Zahreddine with the lifting of the blockade. The

Dancer ran on the heels of 42 kilometres in record time

Dancer ran on the heels of 42 kilometres in record time A former dancer ran the marathon in shoes with high heels for 7 hours, 28 minutes and got into the Guinness Book of records. About it reports UPI. “Well, the world I did it. Itself in shock, but it really happened” — wrote in Instagram Irene Sewell (Sewell Irene) from the American city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. She overcame the 42-kilometer distance in heels height of 7.6 cm for two minutes faster than the previous holder of this record. Publication of High Heels for Guinness (@highheelsforguinness) Oct 15 2017 at 1:43 PDT During the download an error has occurred. On the recommendation of a podiatrist (physician specializing in diseases of the foot and lower leg) Sewell trained in sports shoes and sometimes we jog in heels. A marathon woman seized six pairs of shoes of different sizes: from 7.5 (corresponds

Recruits will pass alternative service in the “Mail of Russia”

Recruits will pass alternative service in the “Mail of Russia” MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. Branches of “Mail of Russia” during the autumn conscription will take up to 130 people for the passage of alternative civil service in the post of operators, postmen, operators, sorters, drivers and centers, said on Wednesday the press service of the Federal postal operator. “During the autumn military conscription from 1 October until 31 December 2017 to work in branches of “Mail of Russia” will be taken up to 130 citizens for the passage of alternative civil service (AGS). Young people are waiting for worker operators, postmen, operators, depots and drivers. Currently, various agencies of the Federal postal operator has already held an alternative service, about 400 people”, — is told in the message. The press service added that throughout alternative service the employee shall be paid full salary for the position, are entitled,

The Meteorologist said the weather expects the Russians coming winter

The Meteorologist said the weather expects the Russians coming winter MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. Next winter will be mild, with temperatures around or slightly above normal in most parts of the country, said the Director meteorologist Roman Vilfand at a press conference in the multimedia press center MIA “Russia today”. Now in Berlin: Berlin: +17° 72% 756 mm Hg. article 2 m/s Vilfand also explained that in January in Moscow, the average monthly temperature is minus 9.3 degrees in December is minus 6.1 degrees.

The government of Moscow region commented on the idea to regulate beekeeping

Law on beekeeping will be useful both for the Moscow region and for the whole country, the Minister of agriculture and food of the region Andrey Razin. His words are on the website of the regional government on Wednesday, October 18. “Russia really needs to introduce a law on beekeeping. It should clearly regulate the organization and keeping of apiaries, maintain standards of quality and types of products, as well as to propose government measures to support the beekeepers,” said Razin. He also noted that in the Moscow region some beekeepers inconvenience to their neighbours. “In fact, we are talking about what is apiary create the owners of suburban areas. Other owners of land in these settlements is not always happy neighborhood with a swarm of bees, so these issues need to be carefully managed to accommodate all interests,” he explained. Earlier, the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev has indicated

The suburbs is among the leaders in the number of environmental events

Moscow was included into number of leaders on many environmental activities and community involvement in the environmental agenda. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Wednesday, September 18. “Leaders in the number of events and community involvement in the environmental agenda began to Moscow, Tyumen, Saratov and the Moscow region”, — said the Minister of natural resources and ecology of Russia Sergey Donskoy at the meeting of the organizational Committee on holding the year of ecology. This year in Moscow began a large-scale reform of the system of treatment of waste. The authorities plan to halve the volume of solid waste destined for disposal in landfills, through recycling. In addition, the region implemented the Governor’s program “Clean Moscow”, in which out anti-rubbish regularly conducted raids and other actions aimed at preventing littering of territories. The patrols involved the Ministry of transport and road infrastructure, traffic police,

Appeared gigapixel panorama of the opening ceremony of the youth festival in Sochi

Resource Gigarama published gigapixel panorama from the opening ceremony of the XIX world festival of youth and students in Sochi. In the image, in particular, you can find Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom makes a selfie girl, as well as a number of officials. At the opening WFMS held on 15 October was attended by about 10 thousand visitors from 150 countries. The concert was interactive — according to the organizers, the audience of the ceremony, received the sets of props, became participants of the action. World festival of youth and students held in Russia for the third time. In 1957 and 1985 he was welcomed by Moscow, which is now limited to the parade of delegates on October 14.