The lives of Chinese families in five graphs

The lives of Chinese families in five graphs In five years, the government of XI Jinping, China became richer and stronger. But how did it affect the lives of ordinary families? Five simple graphs tell about family life, the costs and the formation of modern Chinese. While in China, emerging new generation of leaders, and the authorities are planning the course for the next five years, the statistics gives an idea on how to change people’s lives. In 2015, the government has abandoned the infamous policy that permits families to have only one child. It was assumed that this measure will help to control population growth, but in the end it has created a critical gender imbalance. Now, when to have more children and have large families officially allowed in China relevant to the same trends as in the rest of the developed world. In a country reduces the number

10 most terrifying haunted castles in England

10 most terrifying haunted castles in England The staff of “English heritage” is a non — governmental Fund for historic buildings and monuments of England, called castles and old mansions, from where the ghosts and other anomalous phenomena of fear will not be gathered. Bolsover castle in Derbyshire, where, as they say, there is a Ghost of a boy, quietly taking guests hands, is recognized as the most terrible in England. This verdict is the castle, built over the ancient graves, took out the staff of “English heritage” is a non — governmental Fund for historic buildings and monuments of England. The survey involved 1,800 employees “English heritage”, which evaluated historical monuments, where they work, according to the degree of horribleness. The staff of the castle new Cavendish listed the various horrors taking place in it, including the odd steps, wanton slamming doors, muffled voices, and even screams, unexplained lights,

In the state Duma again offered to equate wedding with marriage at the registry office

The Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Sysoev suggested to give equal legal force Church weddings and marriage in the civil registry office, RT reports on Tuesday, October 17. “That is when divvying up of property after the couple divorced, the act of wedding should have the same rights as the registration in the registry office. Thus we return to traditional marriage, which was before the revolution”, he explained to the Agency. The MP is preparing the relevant amendments to the Family code of Russia. According to Sysoev, the country has a lot of believers, and acts wedding sometimes for them today replace the registration at the registry office, however, the legal consequences of such a Union does not entail. In January, a similar initiative was made by Deputy Alexander Sherin. In April 2015, the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky suggested that cohabitation and marriage the Church’s official status after two years

Family from Chechnya apologized for saying security forces murdered cousin

Family members Lazurkevych from Chechnya refused the accusations against the local police in the murder of relatives and the attempted abduction of her daughter, which were recorded in their video. They made a public apology on air of TV channel “Grozny” on Wednesday, October 18, reports the “Caucasian knot”. 18-year-old daughter Salama Tazurkaev explained to journalists that filmed a video with the charges at the request of the father, and that it has no serious reasons — the usual domestic quarrel. The head of the family said that it was not aware of his intentions. “I was so pissed, he didn’t understand. Hoping for support, I called [the division of power structures]. I am very sorry. Please forgive me”, — quotes the edition of his words. Younger brother Tazurkaev seen in the video, said that just wanted to take a passport with her niece that she married a foreigner and

Sobchak will go in presidents of Russia

Kseniya Subcarpathian: Sobchak recalled the turbulent past and to recognize its extension as the “knight’s move” TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak announced the decision to participate in elections of the President of Russia, which will be held in March 2018. She announced this in a letter to the newspaper “Vedomosti”. “I’m Ksenia Sobchak, I am 35 years old, all my life, I live and work in Russia, and I do not care what will become of my country. I am responsible for any action in the field of society, and, realizing the risks and the incredible complexity of this task, I decided that my participation in the presidential elections can indeed be a step towards much-needed in our country reforms”, — she wrote. According to Sobchak, its extension can be useful for the opposition and for the whole society. She also criticized the idea of the boycott, comparing himself with the

Shooter wounded several people in a business Park in Maryland

Shooter wounded several people in a business Park in Maryland In the U.S. state Maryland are unknown staged a shooting in a business Park. According to updated information, the attack killed three people. As reported by the Baltimore Sun, citing the press service of the Sheriff of the County of Hartford, three people were killed in the attack arrow in Edgewood, 30 miles from Baltimore (Maryland). Two of the injured are in critical condition. The offender opened fire in the business Park, then fled. The motives of the shooter are unknown, the police conducts its investigation. Shooting on the outskirts of Baltimore. There are wounded It is assumed that he fled in a red Dodge with the numbers of the neighboring state of Delaware, according to CBS. Residents are recommended not to visit the business Park. Office buildings and schools are closed. The interlocutors Baltimore TV station WBAL TV reported

Special forces of Ukraine began to storm the tent camp in the Verkhovna Rada

Special forces of Ukraine began to storm the tent camp in the Verkhovna Rada KIEV, October 18. /TASS/. Special forces of Ukraine made on Wednesday evening attempt to storm the tent camp in the Verkhovna Rada. Law enforcement officers managed to reach the first tents, but activists began to fight back. Security forces used tear gas. As a result, several people were injured, including the Deputy from the party “Samopomich” Yegor Sobolev. A few people from among the demonstrators arrested. To date, the police retreated and concentrated in the area of the square of the Constitution. At the same time at the corner of Grushevsky streets and Lipsky observed a detachment of the national guard and special forces numbering about 300 people, but no active actions they are taking. Protesters with metal objects continue to disassemble the pavement. As reported by MP from the party “Samopomich” semen Semenchenko, the police

Hardworking Russians promised to bring happiness to 2024

Hardworking Russians promised to bring happiness to 2024 Hard-working Russian higher education by 2024, should be happier than the American, it is the main goal of economic development of the country for the next six to seven years. On Wednesday, October 18, said the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov at the festival of youth and students, reports RIA Novosti. According to the monitoring Center of the Institute of social Sciences of Ranepa, nearly 45 percent of Russians do not understand the purpose and meaning of government economic policy. Represent the actions of the state in the economy, only 47 percent of citizens. August 1 all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) has published results of poll of Russians, according to which about 84 percent of citizens consider themselves happy. In April, the share of Russians who feels happy, has reached a historic high since 1990 and amounted to 85 percent,

Ivanka trump spoke about the punk youth. It is why no one believed

Ivanka trump spoke about the punk youth. It is why no one believed Ivana trump, first wife of U.S. President Donald trump, on 10 October released a memoir, which also allowed to speak to his daughter Ivanka. In one of the chapters Ivanka said that in his youth was fond of the punk subculture. “During my punk period in the 90-ies I really liked Nirvana,” said the daughter of trump. According to Ivanka, she wore ripped corduroy jeans and a flannel shirt, and cried the whole day after Kurt Cobain’s death. In the memoirs of his mother Ivanka told how she dyed her hair blue, but passed with a haircut only a couple of hours of Ivan made her dye her hair back to blonde. In social networks of Ivanka did not believe in the ‘ 90s, many American teenagers were listening to Nirvana (and it didn’t make them punks).

Matvienko: the delegates of the DPRK stated that it did not plan to use nuclear weapons to attack

The Speaker Of The Federation Council Valentina Matvienko © Alexei Druzhinin/press-service of the Russian President/TASS ST. PETERSBURG, 18 Oct. /TASS/. The DPRK is not going to use nuclear weapons to attack, and will use it only to protect its sovereignty. As the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, representatives of the DPRK had assured her during a meeting on the sidelines of the 137th Assembly of the Interparliamentary Union.