In the state Duma again offered to equate wedding with marriage at the registry office

The Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Sysoev suggested to give equal legal force Church weddings and marriage in the civil registry office, RT reports on Tuesday, October 17.

“That is when divvying up of property after the couple divorced, the act of wedding should have the same rights as the registration in the registry office. Thus we return to traditional marriage, which was before the revolution”, he explained to the Agency.

The MP is preparing the relevant amendments to the Family code of Russia.

According to Sysoev, the country has a lot of believers, and acts wedding sometimes for them today replace the registration at the registry office, however, the legal consequences of such a Union does not entail.

In January, a similar initiative was made by Deputy Alexander Sherin. In April 2015, the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky suggested that cohabitation and marriage the Church’s official status after two years of such a relationship.