In Paris arrested a drunken native of Russia with a chainsaw

Archive photo

In Paris the police detained the native of Russia, strolled with a chainsaw. It is reported by Le Parisien.

Around 02:00 (03:00 GMT) on 18 October, the police called the eyewitness, who reported that the street people walking around in shorts with a running chainsaw. Arrived at the scene, police took the instrument from the man, handcuffed him, and then delivered to the Department.

The offender was placed in a special room for sobering up, as, according to the guards, he was “dead drunk”. The name of the detainee are not reported, but we know that he’s 27 years old, he comes from Russia. The man lives in the same area where the incident occurred.

8 October it was reported that traffic policemen in Nantes in Western France, stopped the car several times grossly violated the rules of the road. The driver, a Russian citizen, to avoid a large fine, try to negotiate with the guards. The Russians suggested that each patrol for 20 euros to let him go without making an appropriate Protocol. In response, the police overpowered the hapless briber and took him to police headquarters in the city.